PhpStorm freezing randomly


Since the last week, phpstorm was randomly freezing and I have to force quit it each time. 

I attached the logs, please check. I need a solution please because I couldn't do any serious work lately!

Upload id: 2023_12_09_21LLBc3NyjyJ5xvg3uej6E (file:

Thank you



Please disable all custom plugins except AI Assistant (Settings | Plugins | Installed | [Gear icon] | Disable All Downloaded Plugins), restart PhpStorm, and check if it still freezes the same way.

Please upload a new set of logs if it does. Thank you!


Thank you for your reply

I also submitted request #5815174 and they logged the issue here

In fast, it comes from Svelte Plugin, because when I enable it the issue comes back

I attached the logs

Upload id: 2023_12_12_cXCKGXnARdf7iJRnumYK8F (file: