Question to the Data Sharing of "AI Assistant"

Hello together,

i have a question about the datasharing of the AI-Assistant-Plugin.
The “data-collection-and-use-policy”: ( says following:
“If the user does not opt in to detailed data collection, the inputs will be sent directly to the LLM provider and processed according to their data collection and use policy, and the outputs will be sent directly to the user IDE. The inputs and outputs will not be persistently stored on JetBrains servers.”

In the IDE the option to “detailed data collection” says following:
"Even if this setting is diabled, the plugin will send the data essential for this feature to large language model providers and
models hosted on JetBrains servers. …."

I think these two pieces of information are a little contradictory. Sending data to JetBrain servers does not fit with the statement "sent directly to the LLM Provider"

And what is the meaning of “data essentials”?
The “data-collection-and-use-policy" says:
“The JetBrains AI service can collect two types of data related to the usage of AI features: behavioral and detailed data. Both of these types of data collection are fully controlled by the user.”

So nothing about “data essentials”.

Thank you