5 day old AI Pro subscription: You have reached the monthly fair use volume of JetBrains AI.


Pycharm PyCharm 2023.3 (Professional Edition)
Build #PY-233.11799.259, built on December 3, 2023

Windows 11
I just paid for an AI Pro subscription last week.  I use AI Assistant quite a bit as it is super helpful.  I used the pre-release version for months with no real limitations, except length of a single chat was limited.

Now 5 days into it I get this:
“You have reached the monthly fair use volume of JetBrains AI. If you need to allocate some extra volume, please contact our support team.  <link>”

I did go to Help → Register and made sure my purchased license is activated.

I also submitted a help request about 6 hours ago, but no response yet and AI Assistant still not working.

Wondering if this is a bug -or- my monthly subscription only buys 4 days of usage.


Hiep Nguyen1997 , request #5978141 has been updated.



Margarita Tyumenkova 

Pleaes remove limits for me, too: Ticket: #5987122

Thank you very much


Maciej Lewandowski1996 , Pere Farro , tickets were answered.

The fastest way to request limit increase is to use a link from IDE out-of-volume notification. As limit increase requires a manual check, it can take some time to increase the limit. Note: It's not necessary to post requests here.


I have not read that there is a usage policy, so AI assistance is almost useless. The good thing is I took a monthly subscription, which I can cancel.


Saumyadip Biswas 
Thank you for the feedback.

Since we are using different providers and models, it is not easy to present quotas. Many factors affect the usage calculation of tokens during the chat session. It depends mostly on the complexity of the interactions and the current context size. As described in the related YT issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/LLM-1587, sending all prompts in the same chat instance results in exponential growth of the context being sent to the LLM. It is advised to create a new chat instance for each new topic/task.

Usage limits are being reset every week. The quota limit was created in a way that the amount is enough for regular (non-automated) usage. Reaching the quota limit is still possible in the case of very active usage. However, we do not expect it to happen often during regular use. Unfortunately, right now it is not possible to track the quota usage for your account in the IDE UI.

We are actively working on addressing this topic. Also, it is possible to ask for a quota extension for the week by submitting a support request: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=66731, or directly from the IDE.


I have used Jetbrains AI Assistant Pro for months, sometimes extensively, and always adding new questions to the active conversation. It has worked as a charm until today when I suddenly get this limit problem. Please reset my limit or instruct me to use new chat windows as I had no idea that there was a limit. I think it works very well otherwise. Keep up the good work!



Hello Niklas Skeppstedt , please create a support request to extend the limit (you can do it by following the link from out of volume notification in IDE)


Thank you Margarita Tyumenkova I have already done so, but when can I expect the request to be handled? I need it in my everyday work! 



Niklas Skeppstedt, usually it takes one working day. Please share the ticket ID, and I'll check the status.


I paid for this not realizing i would have this quota. its annoying especially in the middle of a project. I also submitted a ticket, I think. the webpage didn't exactly respond to my clicking the submit button and had to use another browser which gave me a blank screen but that's besides the issue. 
If you're going to limit our usage, you should at least provide the option to purchase more volume. or something that can get us immediately more volume.
Also a couple other questions, what is the default fair use volume or the weekly “limit”? When you extend that limit when we contact support, how much is it increased by?