5 day old AI Pro subscription: You have reached the monthly fair use volume of JetBrains AI.


Pycharm PyCharm 2023.3 (Professional Edition)
Build #PY-233.11799.259, built on December 3, 2023

Windows 11
I just paid for an AI Pro subscription last week.  I use AI Assistant quite a bit as it is super helpful.  I used the pre-release version for months with no real limitations, except length of a single chat was limited.

Now 5 days into it I get this:
“You have reached the monthly fair use volume of JetBrains AI. If you need to allocate some extra volume, please contact our support team.  <link>”

I did go to Help → Register and made sure my purchased license is activated.

I also submitted a help request about 6 hours ago, but no response yet and AI Assistant still not working.

Wondering if this is a bug -or- my monthly subscription only buys 4 days of usage.


Since we are using different providers and models, it is not easy to present quotas. Many factors affect the usage calculation of tokens during the chat session. It depends mostly on the complexity of the interactions and the current context size. As described in the related YT issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/LLM-1587, sending all prompts in the same chat instance results in exponential growth of the context being sent to the LLM.

Usage limits are being reset every week. Though, there is an issue regarding incorrect timeframe ('monthly fair use') shown in the notification. The fix for the notification is planned for the next 2023.3.2 release.

General UX is also being improved to help mitigate the issue and reduce the context size growth. If you do encounter the 'quota limit reached' notification, please contact support and we will extend the quota usage for you.

This just happened to me during refactor suggestions!
Now perhaps I would understand if this was some sort of daily limit but to say you have reached the monthly fair use is ridiculous for a paid plan activated 10th Dec so only 3 days ago 😵‍💫

Additionally I use this with WebStorm and PhpStorm.
However there was no mention of restrictions to how many Jetbrains applications this can be use with.


same 4 me only 3 days , ridiculous , can anyone tell me what is happening ?


Ive had it 1 day and been comparing it with openAi not even 12 hours and I have a monthly fair use volume? Please answer is this a bug? If not I think refunds are in order.


Same problem! It's a shame that, having been their customer for many years, I trusted them and signed up for 1 year! What happens now?


I am only in education but i simply learned in my first project never deploy without user detailed documentation for all stakeholder and testing so you can always link to the manual and documentation in case of support. Starts by developer and ends in sales department. As a student i will stick further to jetbrains stuff in the future cause its cool. Shit happens, but you throw stones in the workflow for us developers. Fix it, please or reputation decereases. Thanks


Happened a second time for me after 3 days of reasonably medium-heavy usage, and I do create new chats periodically when they start to get long. I hope they change this, as it's no fun worrying about running out.


This is the thing, I have now had to change my behaviour/use of it because I worry about getting abruptly cut off again too.
I now try to avoid using it which is a ridiculous state of affairs for a paid monthly service. I now often use the free chatgpt service first to avoid using up this notional, unclear and unflagged “fair use” limit. For much of it ChatGPT is as good or better. I even started look at VSCode in case using that with copilot for the AI bits would be viable.

Oh, and before this I only used the free ChatGPT service and it never once timed me out.

If  the situation isn't improved I can't see it being my long term solution. 


cancelled min and requested a refund,  I made a request to have extra usage after the first time I had it cancelled after 3 days for fair usage, and yet again it has blocked me for fair usage. I am paying for a months usage. The joke is if you look at one of the quotes "Luca Nerlich

Tech Consultant, Nerlich / Puls GbR

Absolute game-changer. Use it daily."  would he like to share the secret on how he is able to use for more than 3 days when the rest of us can't?


Same for me. I paid for the assistant 5 days ago and the same message just appeared in the chat. I have not do a massive use, a few hours in trhee days, and it was being of great help for his recommendations offered in the two IDEs that I use. 

I think it make no sense to use a tool with this restriction, I have had to stop my workflow to contact and I do not know what will response time be. I have provided my account details in the request.


Same issue, I was directed to this thread by support. Getting this message after a couple of days of normal usage on a monthly subscription is ridiculous: You have reached the monthly fair use volume of JetBrains AI. If you need to allocate some extra volume, please contact our support team. This is something that should have been solved in 1 hour. I'm back to VS 2022 and Github CopilotX. I was evaluating Rider and the AI plugin, and I regret to say that this unpleasant experience has discouraged me from continuing to use these products. Hopefully that's just a bug or an oversight (and not how it's intended to work as a product) and it will be fixed soon for people that encounter this error. And importantly, if there are usage limits, you need to clearly state what they are so that people paying for this service know about it beforehand.


Sara G:  I lost access on Monday.  Access was restored today, so about 2 days and 4 hours with no access.


I got this just a few hours after buying it!  First I was enjoying having an exploratory dialogue with it about different tech nonsense, then exploring a language I don't know well.  

What exactly did I pay for?  That's not rhetorical: what did I pay for?  A number of queries?  A number of compute cycles corresponding to how complex my questions are?  

A lot of my queries were repeats because it kept delivering partial answers and disconnecting, so I needed a lot of “continue” or “go on” to see everything.  Did that count against me?

I also would frequently start over a whole thought process from the beginning ("Okay.  Create a linked list (again).  Add a method named…") because I found I'd get better results if I asked the right questions in the right order.   So trial and error to get the tool to work well for me is bad?

Some of my “queries” weren't even queries, but telling it what it did wrong: “Pointer may be null in RemoveAt.”   “You're correct … here is the corrected RemoveAt function”.  Do I use up part of my access by interactively fixing its mistakes?

If there is a hard limit (and I feel like there shouldn't be), can we at least get some periodic notice from the thing that says “you have used n% of your monthly limit” so I know to go back to web searches instead of learning from the assistant?

The free trial sold me, but it looks like I'll never get my money's worth if it's this restrictive.


I am glad that my service has been restored. Unfortunately I now worry about being cut off again, so I am changing my behaviour ( using more google and ChatGPT ) which is hardly ideal.

Here is my response to the support ticket. I have no complaints about what AI Assistant does but the marketing and the messaging around it is misleading and unclear.

Thankyou for resetting the AI assistant.

Where is your fair usage policy? The link provides next to no clear information about anything  that I should be expected to know, judge or act upon.

Why has there been no up front information, warnings or anything on your high level terms when signing up? You offer a monthly subscription service and then cut me off after 5 days for no clear reason. A monthly subscription should mean a monthly subscription. I shouldn't be at the mercy of support tickets to maintain it.

I am very annoyed because I appear to being blamed here for using your service as offered. You are blaming me for the shortcomings in the implementation and policies.

As  a user, I just see AI chat as a conversation. I have no idea what you are doing behind the scenes and should not be expected to. If there is a problem Jetbrains should be much more pro-active to ensure that services are maintained without cliff-edge sanctions. 

Going forward I will now be much more aware of long chats ( that was likely a cause in my case ) but some warning flags would be useful.

We will see how things go from here but while the assistant is very good the surrounding messaging and use policies aren't.


The same issue. 6 days instead of a month. It seems like a deliberate concealment of information and false advertising. Even trial versions have a usage scale that allows you to assess your limits, but this functionality has been removed in the paid version. Why?


I'll be brief: this is absolutely frustrating. I paid my annual subscription and I was only able to use the service for 5 days!


i had it for 5 hours and i hit the limit :( because it became so unresponsive and didnt complete,  i didnt know i was consuming “Volume” i just presumed it was like chatgpt and used it like such with out a second thought,  i didnt know it was going to be this limited in use, you cant use it all day?  but a limited amount?? so then your stuck without it for a week, on mine now it says, 6 days,  i think this is totally unfair,  im half mind to get a refund, but ill give them the opportunity to fix it.


“Everyone can try JetBrains AI for free before purchasing the Pro plan. By subscribing to the Pro plan, you can enjoy full access to the JetBrains AI service. To maintain an optimal level of performance and ensure fairness among all users, your access to the features may be adjusted based on your usage.” 

this needs to be clearer,  this is all you get on the page advertising it!!! not acceptable.


Its obviously far too limited for the end user at present, whos paid for it, Me,  They need to expand there quotas with the 3rd party services, they are using, because for this to be a viable AI Assistant, there shouldnt be these limitations on a user, in which you advertise as full access, I used it for 5 hours!!!! before i got a red exclamation , “You Have Reached the weekly fair use volume of JetBrains AI”,  is like WTF?? 

There should be some form of indicator of how much “Volume” you have and have consumed.


We have replied on your support request filed earlier. Thanks!


Three updates on this:
1) There is an open ticket for this here.  We are not alone:  https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/LLM-1587

2) I too submitted ‘this form’ to request additional volume…no response…I suspect they are swamped with issues related to this and or the new release.  What is the point of this form, if they aren't going to actually do anything with request.

3) Since yesterday, I see this message:  “It will be restored with in 0 days”.  I guess my 0 days haven't yet elapsed.

Pycharm is a terrific tool as was AI Assistant.  I will repost here when mine works again (in 0 days)!




As promised:  It seems my AI Assistant "It will be restored in 0 days" time has arrived and it is functioning again for me. I would run a test chat to confirm, but don't want to waste one.  Good luck.


How many days have you waited for this? My AI Assistant follow without working and Jetbrains did not answer to me. It let to work one day ago.



I got the same message, and requested a limit increase. About 3 hours later, it now allows me to use the AI Assistant again, though I didn't get an email reply saying so…


Mm… then I will contact again.

Thank you so much!


Just got this answer from support (thanks!):

"Limits are reset weekly. I just increased the limit for your account, so you are able to continue using AI Assistant. 
Rider trial should be unrelated to the issue though. "

And here's my reply:

Thanks. I will continue my evaluation of the AI assistant and Rider. But here's some feedback: in comparison to Github CopilotX, Jetbrain's AI assistant seems to be much more restrictive in terms of usage. Copilot is even encouraging users in the chat to explore other subjects related to the chat queries, so I guess they don't have a hard limit like this AI assistant has. There needs to be some transparency about the limits (not just some vague “fair use” message, something much more precise, and to be honest, if there are such limitations, then there's no way this product can compete with what Copilot is currently offering and also for 10 dollar a month (same price but much higher value), at this current price point and with such limitations, it's not even an option that most people will consider.





Hi! we have the answer , im one of 0.01% :) , probably the main reason is use the same chat for different cuestions…. i think . 


Sometimes though, we see that users are chatting in the same chat for every new question, which results in a context growing and could cause abnormal usage detection mechanisms to be triggered. We are analyzing how this UX aspect can be improved. ….



I am having the same issue. This tools is just not ready for prime time. You are better off just running your own.  It becomes completely useless. Plus it does not work as well as it use to. Now it ignores what I pasted into the window and goes off talking about stuff I did not ask for.