Java Test Auto 'Rerun automatically' steals focus from code


When I activate ‘Rerun automatically’ for test cases it keep stealing focus away from the editor to the test run. Making it virtually impossible to work with, since you need to re-focus back to the editor every few seconds.

I have opened all the configurations and configuration templates and removed all “Before Launch: Focus/open tool” but it still keeps focusing.

I have also checked the “… → Test Runner Settings" and cannot see anything I can change there either.

Please help. The Auto Rerun functionality is useless without the ability of making the tool window not steal focus.

It does not steal focus if I hide the tool window. But I actually want to be able to see the status of my test cases while writing the code.


Hello Pontus Eliason,

Can you please share a sample project that reproduces the issue and exported IDE settings (File | Manage IDE Settings | Export Settings)? You can upload it to and share the upload ID.


I have the same issue and it can be reproduces very simple:

  1. Open any Kotlin project and enable the rerun on any test
  2. Start editing in a file and save it with a syntax error / go into normal mode with IdeaVim

The result: It will try to rebuild the project but fails and the focus will go into the Build output.



A similar issue is reported in

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