Error when trying to open Datagrirp


Working with  (Java) Netbeans and MySQL. All of a sudden I get following error when trying to open Datagrip.

cannot connect to already running IDE instance. Exception 702 process still running.

In Netbeans, I can view the tables of the database, but I get an error when I try to do a SELECT query…



Which OS?

Please try killing this process and then check if it helps resolve the problem. If this didn't help,  on macOS check again for the .lock file in the config directory; the file should be hidden, so please make sure that hidden files are shown.


m3pro使用dg 连接数据库后切换表时老是断开连接,但是在我的windows电脑没问题


zhou allen , could you elaborate and create a new thread? 
Since it looks like an another problem.