AI Assistant context awereness



Before holidays I used the AI Assistant on the trial period and it seemed to be mostly context aware. I could ask about how specific functions were used within the project and the answers were pretty good. So I now went ahead and got the subscription.

Now if I ask a similar question the answers seem to be “Without more specific information about the full content of file X, and without knowing the full list of functions defined in the file, it is impossible to definitively list out…”. So apparently the assistant is not context aware?

When I asked why it can't access the file it says that I need to supply the code into the conversation for it to be able to access it. It apparently cannot access files for security reasons.

But what's the point of using the assistant if it isn't context aware even within the project? Or am I missing something here?



Hello roblob ,

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue.

There is a similar report in YouTrack:

Can you please collect additional information and attach it to LLM-1646 for analysis?

Required information:

1) IDE version

2) Screenshot of the issue

3) It would be helpful if it's possible to reproduce the issue with an open source project and you can provide a link to the project and steps to reproduce.

4) Log with debug: 

  • add the following lines to Help | Diagnostic Tools | Debug Log Settings..:
  • restart IDE
  • reproduce the issue and collect logs via Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data (entire archive)

Exactly the same thing happened to me.
Now each time I want to ask something suddenly the AI Assistant is as dumb as they come and I have to painstakingly specify each file or block of code my question is referring to, but then again that file / code block is suddenly isolated and the assistant doesn't see the other files it is clearly related to.
It's maddening.


Arman Shahinyan , please collect the same logs, send it to and share the logs id with us.


HI i found the same problem and managed to fix it by going to Settings > Tools > AI Assistant. Then I turned of all three checkboxes for “Enable smart chat mode”, “Enable automatic inline code ..” and “Provide AI-generated name suggestions”. Restart, then turn them all on again, and restart, and now context awareness is back to normal.

There's perhaps a faster way to do this, but this works for me, so just want to share. If I can't get this working I would have cancelled my subscription as it makes the AI assistant worthless without context awareness.


Joe Wandy 
Which version of IDE / AI Assistant plugin are you using? 
Context awareness should be improved in the latest version. For example, for IntelliJ - 2023.3.5: