CoPilot in PHPStorm almost useless

I have been using CoPilot with PHPStorm for around 4 months now, and I find it exceptionally disappointing bordering on bad. When using it with Javascript It endlessly comes up with nonsensical code suggestions which have no relevance to the task at hand. Most of the features available for VS Code are entirely missing for PHPStorm. I am seriously thinking of uninstalling it and just using ChatGPT 3 online.  What is the future for the CoPilot plugin and why is VSCode so far ahead with CoPilot?? 


Hi Vince,

I am afraid there is not so much we can do about the CoPilot plugin from a JetBrains perspective as we do not own and maintain this plugin, sorry.

As an alternative, you may want to try our own AI Assistant feature that was recently introduced:

Sadly, this feature is not free and has its own subscription but there should be a trial period that you may try.


HIVasilly,  As per your suggestion, I have disabled CoPilot and am now using AI Assitant - much better. Many thanks !  



Great to hear that, thanks!