How to disable VM that is running. It interferes with epoll.h and pthreads.h


I am unable to find the settings to allow the locally hosted code to run natively.

We use epoll.h and pthreads.h and the binary runs fine from a standard console.  

It seems like the code is running in a VM (clion ide) because epoll.h is not being triggered and the threads are not responding properly. Ran locally that same code from the binary produced using clion toolchain works fine. It also works fine in netbeans using the c/c++ module. We are not able to provide the source code for this.

Do you have a regular console that can be configured instead of what is default in the package? 

Also having problems launching GTK remotely on the target running the weston compositor. I am passing the correct environment variables and the binary runs fine on the target and can be launched remotely using a standard console via ssh. It does not launch on the remote when the “run” button is clicked in clion. This does work in netbeans .


A trivial test can be ran remotely on the target and it works as it should. So am I safe to assume the remote is configured properly or did I miss something?



It seems like the code is running in a VM (clion ide)

Hi! This shouldn't be the case, the code runs locally in CLion. The following might trigger the described behavior:

  1. In some Linux distros, CLion is re-packed using flatpak by distro's maintainers. This might cause similar effects (the launched application doesn't see the same environment when launched from CLion and outside it). 
  2. By default, CLion doesn't emulate the terminal in the output console, and the program might detect this and behave differently.

Could you please check if either of these might be the case?


Hello Anna,

Thank you very much for that information, I just checked the box and set the environment variables and the wayland compositor launches GTK. Additionally, pthread.h and signals.h are also working fine. CLion is a VERY impressive!! 

One last question, what is the best way to have the builder.ui and a theme.css file placed next to the binary file that runs on the remote target. It is in the tree and works fine doing local but it does not get copied to the target.