Same as NOVA suggestions and checks in Clion 2024 EAP ?


Hello all,


I was using the NOVA EAP with so many great features, such as the suggestion for all the missing cases, the good warnings and so on. It is written that the 2024 embeds all that stuff but I do not agree, it does not seem to be enabled by default at least, is there a way to get the same behavior as in NOVA ?


Best !


Hi Robin!

It is written that the 2024 embeds all that stuff

Could you please specify where you found this information?

Indeed we plan for CLion Nova to be merged into CLion Classic in the future. But this has not been done yet. 


That's what I have understood from “Releasing CLion Nova within CLion Classic.” in the page :)


That's our roadmap for 2024.1 - Work on that roadmap has started, but it doesn't mean that everything from it has already been implemented. Also, please pay attention to the following remark in the blog post about the roadmap:

The following is a preliminary plan and not a promise or commitment. Tasks might be changed or rescheduled for various reasons. We can’t guarantee that all of the issues listed below will be addressed in CLion 2024.1.