JetBrains Academy: Multiple-Choice task without source file not showing in course?


I am trying to create a Java basics course for my students using JetBrains Academy. It works great thus far, but I have a problem with multiple choice tasks. Sometimes, I just want to ask a theory question that does not require a java source file (e.g. “What is the signature of the method that is executed by default when a Java program is started?”). This just requires a and a task-info.yaml, and it works great in the editor (I can see the multiple-choice question and check the answers). However, when I create a course preview, those tasks are included but empty - when I click on one of these tasks, I only get “Please open any task to see the description”. In the Course overview, the folders are shown, but without any files inside. Also, when I go to the Project overview, those folders don't have a module name associated with them.

Is it possible to have such a multiple-choice question without associated java source code, or do I need to rephrase them so they always have at least a minimal that I can reference to in the question?