How to Display Only the Current Project Folder Name in WebStorm's Project View?

Hello good people at JetBrains, 

Is there a way to change project directory display. Currently, my project view shows the full directory path (e.g., ~/Desktop/Work/Portfolio/floramount_ig_1). However, for a cleaner and more focused workspace, I would like it to display only the name of the folder that I am currently working in (e.g., floramount_ig_1). 

Is there a setting or a workaround within WebStorm that allows for this kind of customisation? Any advice on how to adjust the project view to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you !

P.S. I'm just curious who ever need the full path ? serious question. 




You can hide root folder path by adding under Help | Edit Custom Properties and restarting the IDE.