Unable to launch debugging with Javascript debugger

For several years now, I have been having issues with debugging JavaScript with WebStorm, until by some fluke it works.

The symptom is that it pops up the about:blank page whenever I try to debug, rather than http://localhost:xxxx

I've tried to delete the other.xml, web-browsers.xml. I had switched to Edge because apparently this may have been some chromium issue, but somehow the Family on msedge has changed back to Chrome instead of Edge, so presumably it is now tied back to whatever problems exist between WebStorm and chrome.

How do I debug now in this situation? It is honestly painful. I lose days and weeks messing around with configuration to get this to work and it has been going on  for years. I have tried with WebStorm 2023.2.5 and WebStorm 2021.2.1. Unfortunately, I will have to switch over all my JetBrains to VS Code if I can't get this to work easily, as it is costing a lot of development time each time the settings somehow reset.


It doesn't work in  WebStorm 2021.2.1 and in all IDE versions < 2022.2.5, 2022.3.4, 2023.1 (i.e., released before March 2023) due to Chrome update: Chrome 111.* released in March 2023 broke the debugger as it rejects the requests from unknown remote origins because of security reasons.

But this shouldn't be the issue in WebStorm 2023.2.5. Please make sure that no Chrome instances are running when you start the debugger. If this doesn't help, you must have faced a network configuration issue – certain dynamic port numbers are blocked on your system (by a firewall/proxy/etc). You can also try running `netsh interface ipv4 show excluded portrange protocol=tcp` to see if this port belongs to the excluded ports range.


As it turns out, my organisation had disabled Remote Debugging. Now all is back working. Thanks