Resolving WebStorm Warning for route Naming Convention in Next.js Project

I'm currently working on a Next.js project (version 14) that utilizes a specific file naming convention within the pages directory, where we are required to name files as page.tsx inside their respective feature directories (e.g., forgot-password/page.tsx). This setup runs without issues, and the application behaves as expected when served. However, I've encountered a challenge within WebStorm that I hope to get some insight on.

Issue Description:

WebStorm is displaying a warning that it "Cannot resolve file 'forgot-password'" when using the <Link> component from next/link to navigate to the route associated with the forgot-password directory:

<Link href="/forgot-password" className="text-blue-500 text-sm font-semibold leading-5 not-italic w-full text-right">
  Forgot password?

Despite the application running correctly and the route functioning as intended, this warning persists in the WebStorm IDE, suggesting a path resolution issue within the editor.

Is there a way to configure WebStorm to recognize this custom file naming convention for the purpose of path resolution, specifically for Next.js projects?



Thank you for reaching out to us!

Special support for resolving such paths is requested in and, please follow these tickets for updates.
For now, I'd recommend marking the (auth) folder as a Resource root (Mark directory as/Resource root).