Diagrams: highlight related primary and foreign keys when a connection is selected



Is it possible to make DataGrip highlight the related primary and foreign keys when a connection between tables is selected?
Or it would be nice if in all related tables primary and foreign keys would be highlighted in some way.

For example DBVisualizer does it beautifully: all the related primary and foreign keys are nicely highlighted by having a border with a vivid color etc. By selecting (clicking on) a specific relation, the corresponding table columns are highlighted:

DBeaver also has this feature: one can click on the line connecting the tables to see the highlighted keys in both of them.

It is very convenient and visually pleasant for getting a “big picture” of the relationships between tables. Plus the long awaiting feature in DataGrip - to be able to see not only direct, but also reverse references for a table (i.e. all the tables that refer to the selected table).

So is this highlighting option available in DataGrip now (as of February 2024)?
If not would be really nice to have such a feture request for that.

Just please take a look at DBVisualizer and/or DBeaver and incorporate their nice features in regard to generating relationship diagrams. 


Yaroslav Bedrov 

Thanks, voted.

Sad that these requests are there for years, but all the best to the JetBrains team in their work.