Open in git-bash

HI all,

I  often use the context menu “Open In → Terminal” and “Open In → Explorer”, with right click on project pane.

Is it possibile to add new voices to the “Open In” menu? For example “Open In → Git-bash”.




You can configure Git bash as a default shell for the built-in terminal in Settings | Tools | Terminal and then use Open In → Terminal action to open folder in Git bash.


Hi, this is a solution. But not an ideal one.

I would like to keep Powershell as default terminal and use Open In git-bash only when I need.

Anyway I've changed the default shell, and works for Open In and for each new terminal window I open with the + button on the terminal windows, but not for the first.

The first terminal from a Webstorm start is always Powershell whatever it is my choice in the configuration.