Import/Export settings per Data Source

Within one project, I manage quite a few different databases:

Sometimes I need to Import/Export them and so on but every time I click Export, I need to update OutPath and name of the file or Path to dump. 

Can I somehow set a working directory for some of them? I have a corresponding folder with their code but I definitely don't want to create a project per source


It's not possible at the moment, so we can report it as feature request on our tracker. May I clarify if the individual working dir is only related to the output of database dump and the dump file location? I'll have post it posted afterward.

Hi Aleksandr,

For now those are the two things that I found so far for which a working directory would be useful, basically any operation that involves files

Thanks, Dawid.

I've created a feature request for supporting working dir:

Please feel free to upvote.