Lost all files after creating a new module



I had a React.js project that didn't recognize my files properly. I was not sure what was wrong as this never happened before, so I tried going to File → Project Structure → Modules → Create Modules. to see if it does anything.

However, after creating a new module, every single file (including git) of my project is gone (i.e. permanently deleted without even asking me for confirmation). I tried some data recovery tools and only a part of the files can be recovered. Is this an expected behavior of IntelliJ and if it is are my files still recoverable? I have put dozens of hours into this project already so I just cry.


Adding/removing modules from the project structure never deletes your files.

It's not clear what happened; probably the files were removed externally by accident.

IDE always shows confirmations for destructive actions.

If you can reproduce the problem, please provide the exact steps.


I'll try if I can reproduce it. I noticed after creating a new Module, it automatically ran the React initialization tool, not sure if that deleted my files. Currently I'm messing with data recovery tools and saved a few deleted files but the ones I put a long time in are gone bruh.


What do you mean by the React initialization tool? Please specify what module type you create and what files are added by a tool?


By react initialization tool, I mean npx create-react-app my-react-app

It seems IntelliJ runs this automatically after creating a React project.

However, I tried to reproduce this with a new project, adding/removing modules didn't delete any files. 

For the module, as suggested by React initialization tool, I created a React module. 

For the files, it should be the standard files that the command creates, which you can see here: Create a New React App – React (reactjs.org)