Edit Commit Message Understanding


I created a NEW branch off of main that only I am working on.   I made a few commits and pushed them to the remote branch.   Then I realized I had a typo in the commit messages.    I clicked Edit Commit Message and changed the message locally.   I assume I have to PUSH this change.  So when I when to push the change I got the following message.   Please advise and if this is how it is supposed to work, do I rebase or merge?



When you are editing a commit locally you are performing a rebase. 

You need to perform Rebase as it will keep your history as it is. If you perform a Merge (the source code will remain the same) but a merge commit will appear. 

Please see: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/804115/when-do-you-use-git-rebase-instead-of-git-merge