Welp... Remote Dev | SSH Bricked for beta testers?


Getting a notice my build is no longer supported…. Am operating under the beta version program, considering reverting, any advise would be appreciated.


You will need to download the latest EAP in the remote host. When you select to add the PyCharm version it should prompt you to download the latest one.


you rock Miguel Monteiro , that was it!  Your timing is funny, I literally came on here to post an update to my own thread cause I just figured it out (literally in the same 5 min window you posted this) lol, only after realizing it was the version on the remote host was outdated, pushed the update to latest version, and as you stated, only after updating the remote host it worked. 🥳  thx again mate, hopefully this thread helps others who may have run into this same issue. 🙏