Start a debug and a run configuration in compound config (CLion)

I have several task that need to run in order for me to debug my project.

I can easily combine cleaning, building and starting into one configuration with the “Before launch”.

But for debugging I need to start a remote debug session while the programme is running.

As I understood this should be possible to achieve with a “Compound configuration”.

But it seems like I cannot put both a “Run” and a “Debug” configuration into the compound configuration and start them.

Both on their own work, but when I put both of the together into the compound both the run and debug button are greyed out.


Are “Run” and “Debug” configurations not supposed to be possible to be executed in this way? If not, is there a way to achieve this?

I also saw in the screenshots from the docs, that it seems when adding a configuration to the compound, one can select “Run” or “Debug" for this item (, but it seems I do not get that option, the item is just added, without being able to specify, if I want to run it normally or as a debug.