Why project window is not true representation the file/folder of the project?

I was under the assumption that project window is a true representation of the file/folder underneath, but it turns out not to be the case.

For example `__pycache__` folder is excluded in the list of file/folder in the project window. Here is a screenshot. Expanded glfw in project window does not show `__pycache__` folder, but we can see it exists in the terminal.

I am aware this might be a conscious decision - but it is misleading IMO.

Should I open a ticket for it?

You can find a list of default ignored files under "Settings | Editor | File Types > Ignored files and folders".

Also, you can enable "⋮ => Tree Appearance => Show Excluded Files" in Project view.

> Removing __pycache__ from the list "Settings | Editor | File Types > Ignored files and folders".

Did the trick. Thanks.