Intellij Idea editor does not open on sonoma osx after vaadin plugin install


I just installed the vaadin ui and framework plugin and intellij editor window does. not open up i cannot even see version infor etc i tried deleting state data like was recommend in other thread but did not help, currently reinstalling as cannot wait but any help on how to troubleshoot incase in happens again would be appreciated


Does the issue occur if you disable the vaadin plugin? If IDE cannot be started, you can delete the plugin folder from the IDE plugins directory and see if it helps. If a startup issue is related to the plugin - and since it is a third-party plugin, unfortunately, we are not able to help fix the issue. You can file an issue report on the plugin's issue tracker:


Thanks Ivan I took a similar apprach but removed the Jetbrains directory in Application support, I ll file an issue


I would not recommend the installation of any vaadin plugin.  They want $1700 per year license fees for this designer plugin, but when you install it, it break InteliJ installation. If they (Vaadin) cannot produce a plugin that works properly out of the box, it provides NO value.