DataSpell: When training screen flickers constantly (with progress bars)


This is DataSpeel  2023.3.4 on MacOS 14.3.1.  Using a library like fastai or hugginface transformers, during the training pahse (e.g. learn.fine_tune()), or really any long running operation that produces progress bars, the DataSpeel screen flickers a lot.  It mostly flickers around the progress bars, but oddly also in other areas.  Here's a link to the video:

Is there anything I can do about this, as it's rather distracting.  This particular session is run over SSH, but the problem happens when I run on the local machine as well.

Thank you



fwiw, if I access the same jupyter notebook in a browser and run the same cells, there is no flickering.  It looks like DataSpell is maybe constantly resizing the cell and that's what's causing the issue?


FYI, this is similar to: which claims to be fixed. Perhaps another similar issue to it?

Hi, could be related to PY-71269 (
Please consider submitting a bug report and attaching a screencast.