Classes which have same name but irrelevant are mixed up in CLion

Sorry I cannot describe accurately in the title. 

Let me explain the matter in detail. 

I have a class defined in main.cpp like below. Let's call it `class A`.

Also do I have a class defined like below. Let's call it `class B`. Another class is inheriting the class B, let's call it class C.

The implementation of class B is in library spike_libriscv and I'm linking this library to my library my_lib using:

target_link_libraries(my_lib PRIVATE spike_libriscv)

and I'm linking this my_lib in my executable MyExec:

add_executable(MyExec main.cpp)
target_link_libraries(MyExec my_lib)

Since the linking type of library spike_libriscv is PRIVATE, the spike_libriscv should not be linked directly to the MyExec. So the class A and class B should be irrelevant,  and do not conflict with each other. However, in the GUI, CLion seems to also recognize class A as the base class of class C.


I believe my configuration is correct since no error like `redifinition of sim_t` is throwed and the hello() function could be called correctly in main.cpp. Maybe you could take such situation into consideration in further versions. Anyway thanks to your attention.