File changes wont get compiled / linked



I have recently picked up CLion with a licence for open source development. I've been enjoying the IDE so far but I've stumbled accros this issue today.

My project is divided into 2 sub-projects. One is a (static) library and the other is a test program to mock / check functionality. The library is compiled and then linked when the test program is built.

Whenever I make a change to my (library) source files however, the change wont actually get compiled into the binaries.

I've done some research and come accross these 2 issues that seem to be common:

  • not all source files are compiled to the target
  • Before Launch in the build config does not contain Build 

Both of these do not apply to my project

I have also found this post here which perfectly describes my issue. Though Vitality (OP of the post below) did not follow up with information about how the issue was fixed, if at all.

The Clean build action described in the post does fix the problem but the entire project has to be re-compiled and the clean has to be executed for every time I want to build the project which is time consuming and annoying.

Have I configured my project wrong in any way?


  • CLion Nova, Version 241.14494.102 (2nd newest build at the time of post)
  • Windows 10 (problem persists accross OS's, in the post above MacOS was used)
  • Default Toolchain: CMake, Ninja, MinGW's G++