WebStorm laggy

I've got a Mac Apple M1 Max with 64 GB memory.

This is just ridiculous. I've reached a point where I'm seriously looking for another IDE, please share your options (anything but VSCode).

I've got a react native app project where it's extremely laggy, like taking 5 seconds to recognise a new func and TSLint to pick it up.

I've got absolute minimal list of active plugins, only TSLint and other basic stuff. No fancy AI.

I have excluded all possible folders from the cache, like ios/android/node_modules/coverage/…

Still it takes ages (a good 5 to 7 seconds) for me to see my code being indexed (you know when a function changes colors ?)

This is beyond ridiculous. 

Yes, I have doubled the memory heap and dispite it eating a whole 4GB of memory, it still struggling…

I mean, if the IDE should not be configured in a certain way (which I haven't) because it will increase it's lags, you just shouldn't allow it! As simple as that.

Please, anyone could provide another IDE as an alternative? 


I’m very sorry to hear about your bad experience with WebStorm.
Would it be possible to collect & share a CPU snapshot captured when the IDE is slow?
1) Help > Diagnostic tools > Start CPU usage profiling
2) perform the actions which are causing performance problems (start typing, moving cursor, etc.), try to reproduce the performance problem several times while the snapshot is being recorded.
3) Help > Diagnostic tools > Stop CPU usage profiling
and share it along with the log folder zipped (Help > Collect logs and Diagnostic Data) and the detailed description of your steps within a support ticket