How to transfer IntelliJ plugin ownership?



I've been in touch with the plugin author and he made it clear he is not interested in any future development.

I can fork the plugin code on github and work on it, but how can I publish a new version of the IntelliJ plugin marketplace using the same plugin name?

I assume the old plugin author will need to take an action to make this transfer, I'd like to give him specific instructions so he can transfer it with the least amount of work.





Hi Mark,

To transfer the plugin's ownership, we will need to get a confirmation email from the email address the original author used to upload the plugin. The email should contain the plugin's name, URL, and email address of your account and be sent to

Once we have this email, we will transfer the ownership to your account. Please note, that you need to log into JetBrains Marketplace at least once with the same email address before the transfer so that your account will be created in our system.