How can i remove my Trial license and get a free license?


I did a license with trial but i dont want to have it ,so i want to ask if i can remove this and get a forever free license.



to use JetBrain products you need to have a licence. When you first receive a JetBrains product, you are granted a free, temporary licence. To continue usage you will have to either apply for a “free” one or buy the product.

The actual process of upgrading your licence when you get one happens fully automatically. The only thing you need to create a JetBrains account if havent already, redeem the licence you received and log into your account in the IDE (or other tool).

As you have mentioned a “free forever licence” I would like to note that these “free” licences that you apply for are technically not forever and have terms associated with them. 

I for example have applied for a licence for open-source development. The licence I have received is valid for one year and can be extended if I continue to develop the product associated with my licence. I am also not allowed to make money of my product (which is fine with me, thats what FOSS is for).