Get available IDE versions and build numbers

Not specifically GoLand, but that is the IDE I use most.

I am looking for a way to discover the available versions and build numbers of the available IDEs.

Something similar to this that I can use programmatically in relation to this GH Issue.


Hi Austin!

Thank you for your question. Would something like this help - ?

Thank you for responding!

I found that API earlier this week and I have almost discovered all of the endpoints and parameters that I need.

Is there public documentation for the API? Or at the very least, can you provide URIs for what we need?

We already figured out how to filter by IDE type (GO/PY/etc…).
We also figured out how to filter by release or eap.
We also figured out how to get the latest release.
I think the only thing we have left is to specify a specific version (YYYY.R) to get the appropriate release info. Currently we pull the entire list and have to loop through to find it. Not a deal breaker, but could be optimized.

Hi Austin,

As much as I'd wish to help, we don't have publicly available API documentation at the moment. Do you think that something like this would do the trick - ?

Thank you, and please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with at the moment, and we'll be at your service.
0 should work for us!

Is there any rate limiting that we should be aware of? I don't want to abuse this API and have it shut off from public access.

Thank you for your help with this!


There is no particular limit to this API but we're expecting that it shouldn't be constantly overloaded from the one instance.


Excellent, thank you.

I don't foresee us having an issue.