SQL resolution scopes don't work


There are MSSQL and Postgres databases in my project, I organized them into different modules and different folders of course. I have a lot of sql files for any of those modules so I try to fix  those "SQL resolution scopes" feature. I set data source for main folder in module, or for folder continig sql files, 

but nothing happend, the files, befrore I fix them, are connected to default SQL language (Postgres in my case), and no data source

I still have to set appriopriate datasource to any single file. Extremly boring, when got complete database structure to modify.
What can I do to use this feature?


I found reason and solution:
I set a symbolic link (…/repos) to my projects directory, and use it when define the "sql resolution scopes", while the main project configuration rely on the physical path (…/IdeaProjects ). When I changed folder in “sql resolution scopes” to phisical one, it looks like working better.
Anyway, a warning about configuration issues like this will be a nice feature.

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for letting us know that.

I've passed your use case to our dev team so they can take it into consideration and improve the validation path of resolution scope.

We also have such issue. Navigation to definition of view or table can be done via ‘click trough’ only id the definition in the same file. When it is in different folder/file, the references are broken (and you hvae to resort to search and replace)… Very annoying when you have to work with big sql codebase…