Pycharm slow, buggy and unstable


Can you focus on improving the existing product rather than pushing new features.




Please provide additional details such as what are the steps to reproduce the mentioned behavior. If possible create a new bug report on YouTrack so we can investigate it further -


I don't have steps to reproduce, but my experience with 2024.1.1 so far:

  • Far more CPU spikes during normal usage, not just during startup / indexing.
  • The line completion process often gets detached and sits spinning using up a full core at 100%.
  • Freezes while editing a file and then drops the opened files, and sometimes the project files are no longer visible in the project sidebar on the left.
  • Doesn't maintain opened files across close/reopen.

Rough setup: Win 11 // PyCharm installed in Windows // project hosted in WSL. No extra plugins apart from vim key bindings, and even then not customised any further.

This feels like a big step-backwards compared to 2023.3.



PyCharm has been degrading for some time. Weird bugs all over the place. The type checker and linter used to be great. Now they are barely of any use. Often, a green ✅ and errors are active at the same time!? And there are many bugs like this one:


I was a happy (paying) customer for many years. Please get your sh*t together!


I hope to have a stable version with meticulous polishing