Hw select the folder that the class is

hello , before in oldest versions of PHPSTORM , it had the option to click twice  at the class name , and then it open the folder at the sidebar where the class was located .
I dont know where this option is now .
for example , I open a class, pressing shit shith .
the I select the class .
now I wnat to oen the folder that this class is located . how I do that now ?




Hi there,

Not 100% sure if I got you correctly, but:

1. If you are in some file and want to select this file in a Project View panel, then just use “Navigate | Select In…” (it's Alt+F1, 1 here on Windows keymap) 

2. If you use Search Everywhere (Shift+Shift), type some class name and want to select that file in the Project View panel instead of opening the file in the editor, then just invoke the same “Navigate | Select In…” action there (the shortcut works even when such popup dialog is on).

Now, if you then need to select the actual folder, then just hit Arrow Left key – it will move a focus from the current element (a file) to the parent (a folder).