No Javascript, Typescript or NodeJS option for creating new Projet on IDEA Ultimate 2024.1.1


There's no more option for creating a new project in Javascript, Typescript or NodeJS, whether it be on the left or the right pane.
However, i'm using an Ultimate version and the plugins are enabled.

What happened to these options?


Thanks for your help.


Hello, Sebastien Corne
The new JavaScript project option was removed from the New Project wizard; you can use the Angular, React, Vue, HTML, or Empty Project option to create a project for JS.


Thanks for your answer.


Hi, I think you should update the documentation then, it's quite confusing since it's still say that the new project option should have a javascript language option. JavaScript | IntelliJ IDEA Documentation ( Thank you


Hi, Roberto C. Yes, unfortunately, for some reason, the documentation wasn't adjusted to the changes; we have already had a request to our Technical Writers team to improve the documentation. Thank you for your attentiveness.