Git error in IntelliJ


Does anyone know what this error is? “fetch-pack: unexpected disconnect while reading sideband packet early EOF fetch-pack: invalid index-pack output”

I am getting this error when I clone a project. I would normally assume this was a proxy error. In this case, it works fine from the git command line. I only get this error in IntelliJ. I do not know what has changed. It used to work correctly.




Maybe ide has issue with accessing network. 

Using any AV/Firewall? What kind of proxy it is? 

Can you provide full logs zipped of the issue? (reproduced) 



This is a corporate environment with a proxy. I do not have access to specifics. I have the same problem whether I am onsite or remote, which should rule out the VPN.

I will into the logs. I am not sure what type of sensitive information they may include.


This probably mysteriously cleared on its own. I assume there was an update to the corporate security settings somewhere. I would still like to know what the error message means if anyone knows.


It's definitely related to network, please see: