Webstorm debugger not working React app

im working on this react app, and im new to webstorm so probably im doing somehting wrong

this is my start script

(this is a monorepo app)

"start": "CI=true lerna run start --stream --parallel",



and this is my debug 




when i click start, and then debugger, i see a new chrome window appearing but whe i set a breakpoint, nothing happens, when i manually writes “debugger” in the code, it gets triggered in webstorm, and takes me to a chunk.js file, i can see the variables and its values, but i would like to see the actual file name instead of chunk, and also be able to just click a line to set a breakpoint (in chome webdev i can see the actual file name)


Could you check if you can see your actual source code in the Sources tab of Chrome Dev Tools when you open your page in Chrome? If yes, could you share screenshots illustrating this? Do the same breakpoints work in Dev Tools?


yes i can see my source from dev tools (i can see the actual file in the console, when i do console.log, but if i use the debugger in webstorm then all i see is chunk file names in webstorm console)


break points using keyword debugger do work in debv tools, but breakpoints directly in the number bar in webstorm wont work


Looks like the sourcemaps can't be loaded for some reason. Please could you share the full log folder content zipped? You can use Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data main menu action to create the archive.