Can't debug JestJS unit test in WebStorm 2024.1.1

I would like to debug JestJS Unit Test by clicking in a test file and running it or debugging it but I am unable to achieve that and I all get is:

Process finished with exit code 1

which does not tell me anything at all, can I get some help setting up my IDE properly so I can debug this unit test? I am not sure what could I post here to start so let me know and I will do it

PS: the project is from work so I am very limited about the information I publish but I will try my best in order to get some help

Could you kindly provide a video recording of the issue for us to review? This will help us better understand the situation from your perspective.

Thank you.

hi Elena Pogorelova that would be impossible for me due to work policies and so on. I know this is very difficult because you would need some visuals to check what the issue is but I can share configs and so on, anything I can share besides a video to help you understand my issue? 


I forgot to mention this is ReactJS + NextJS project, not sure if that helps to understand why I can't debug Jest tests

No, your configuration files won't likely help. If you can't share a video, could you attach a screenshot of your run configuration plus a screenshot of the Run console with the error?