Execute Cell in Console No Longer Works For Jupyter Notebooks in 2024.1

I recently updated my Pycharm version from 2020.X to 2024.1. The new version seems to support Jupyter notebooks much better, however I'd like to retain some of the old functionality. Under the Python plugin there is an action called ‘Execute Cell in Console’ and ‘Execute Selection in Python Console’. 

This action used to send code to the Python Console regardless of whether the work was in a .py or .ipynb file. In 2024.1, this no longer sends code to the Python Console when working in a .ipynb. It used to be a nice way to debug code on a line by line basis within the console whereas in Jupyter notebooks that requires splitting and merging cells. 

Is there a way to have ‘Execute Cell in Console’ and ‘Execute Selection in Python Console’ still work inside a .ipynb?

Hello Rj,
This feature is still available for .py files with cells (#%%). 
Unfortunately, it is not planned to be implemented for the current Jupyter Notebooks. You can make a related feature request on YouTrack at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY, and please let us know if you need any assistance.