The way PyCharms changes is a disaster

It's probably already a rule of thumb in software that whatever achieves a great success ends up in a disaster some time after. Sadly, I feel that's the case with PyCharm.

All new changes you guys make always make me super confused. Why change nice interfaces that we are all well used to? Why change shorcuts. Why aren't they consistent across different OS? I recently migrated from Linux to WSL2 as I got a windows computer from my new work and it was pain to configure it to my convenience. 

Today, I wanted to use Jupyter as I used a few years ago and it was a DISASTER. It says “ctrl+enter” to run a cell, but it clashes with split line instead. “Select cell above" says "ctrl+up" but it clushes with general editor scrolling. It doesn't ourput prints. The lag is unbearable. There are tons of such examples, this is not usable!!! I wish I just never updated my 2019 version. What are paying for??


Hi Jakub Nowakowski , sorry for the inconvenience.

It doesn't ourput prints. The lag is unbearable.

Would you please elaborate on this? Can you share screen-cast representing the issue along with logs from Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data? Please upload it to and let me know the upload ID.