Autocomplete is not displayed

export interface ITest extends TestDto {}

TestDto = class
'Autocomplete is not displayed' when extending an element from class to interface
I don't think it's a problem with typescript, as it's outputting fine when testing in vscode.
Please let me know how…


The context action suggests T-T


Please could you elaborate on the issue? Where would you expect the completion to appear? In your screenshot, I can see the compiler error but no attempts to invoke a completion.


Elena Pogorelova  If you look at the capture screen, you can see that interface extends class.
The autocomplete suggestions do not include the class, only the interfaces.

I think class should also be suggested for autocomplete in extends of interface.
Also, vscode is suggesting to autocomplete class.


[+] I have a class called PostManagementCreateDto.


Elena Pogorelova Thank you! and by any chance, if the above is updated, will this fix the problem in intelij? I am getting the same error.
Additionally, I'm wondering when the update is expected :)

Yes, the fix, once available, will be included in Intellij IDEA as well.