Database connection issue via socket (LocalWP)

I'm using a LocalWP app and trying to connect to DB (connection type: Unix Socket) of a website, specifying user (root), password (root), database (local) and Socket path of course. But when I'm clicking on the Test Connection button then Password field removed immediately and shows this error:

DBMS: MySQL (ver. 8.0.16)
Case sensitivity: plain=mixed, delimited=mixed
Driver: MySQL Connector/J (ver. mysql-connector-java-8.0.25 (Revision: 08be9e9b4cba6aa115f9b27b215887af40b159e0), JDBC4.2)
' com.mysql.cj.protocol.ExportControlled.performTlsHandshake(, com.mysql.cj.protocol.SocketConnection, com.mysql.cj.ServerVersion)'.

Does anyone know what this is and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.


Please update the JDBC driver from the Drivers section and test the connection. If it doesn't work, please upload the idea log onto our FTP and include your upload id in your reply.

We'll have a look.

hi Aleksandr Molchanov ,

I checked the version, it has a latest stable version:

I tried downgrade the version, but didn't help.

Upload id: 2024_05_31_2BxTXc3895JSNTrAPUXtJz (file: idea.3.log)

Thanks for reply.


Thanks for the update @vahan889 


Judging by the log file, it looks like the issue is caused due to vulnerable protocols excluded from the newest java version   


2024-05-31 13:24:11,236 [9276245]   INFO - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseConnectionEstablisher - Connecting to: jdbc:mysql:///local?junixsocket.file=/Users/vahangrigoryan/Library/Application Support/Local/run/uFRkqN5x2/mysql/mysqld.sock&

2024-05-31 13:24:11,236 [9276245]   INFO - #c.i.e.r.RemoteProcessSupport -

2024-05-31 13:24:11,236 [9276245]   INFO - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseConnectionEstablisher - Auth provider: user-pass

2024-05-31 13:24:11,236 [9276245]   INFO - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseCredentialsAuthProvider - Connecting as: root

2024-05-31 13:24:11,635 [9276644]   WARN - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseConnectionEstablisher - Connecting to: jdbc:mysql:///local?junixsocket.file=/Users/vahangrigoryan/Library/Application Support/Local/run/uFRkqN5x2/mysql/mysqld.sock&

2024-05-31 13:24:11,635 [9276644]   WARN - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseConnectionEstablisher - ' com.mysql.cj.protocol.ExportControlled.performTlsHandshake(, com.mysql.cj.protocol.SocketConnection, com.mysql.cj.ServerVersion)'


We have an article with solutions about it:


hi Aleksandr Molchanov ,

Thanks for the update.

I checked and see that I have no issues related with a disabled algorithms.

I see this from your reply: 2024-05-31 13:24:11,236 [9276245]   INFO - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseCredentialsAuthProvider - Connecting as: root, it is correct, DB username is root.

But what about this line: 2024-05-31 13:24:11,236 [9276245]   INFO - #c.i.d.d.DatabaseConnectionEstablisher - Auth provider: user-pass, it is not correct I guess, because DB password is root again.

Here is a screenshot from the LocalWP application which credentials I'm using to connect.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the update. 

Please enable the extended logging for SSL in Diagnostics - Show JDBC Log Settings as per the screenshot below

Repeat the connection test to your database until you get this error again and upload the most recent idea log