IntelliJ IDEA searches in targt folders of maven project


Hi Team,

Installed IntelliJ IDEA version 2024.1.2. Imported project. And now I see the target folders (multiply modules), and IDEA searches within the folders.

In IDEA 2023.x.x there was an option to enable/disable ‘fast maven import’. Without the fast import my project was imported fine and the target folders were excluded. But in 2024.1.2 the option is missing. ANd I'm not happy to exclude a few dozen folders manually.

Question: Is there a way to fix the maven project import?


Hello, Kostyantyn!

Thank you for reporting this!

Fast import can be disabled with the maven.legacy.import.available Registry Flag.

To access the Registry press shift twice to access Search Everywhere window and type “registry” (without the quotation marks) in the search bar.

Please note that this option will likely be removed in the future versions of IDEA, so I would highly appreciate if you could share a reproducer Project, so we can investigate and resolve the issue.


Hi Roman Vatagin 

Thank you for the information.

However it's a known issue, we've discussed it before.

IDEA-332512 Maven - "target" folder is not marked as excluded when Fast Import is enabled.

I appretiate it to be fixed.


Kostyantyn Krakovych  Understood. I'll make sure to highlight this one for the R&D Team.