Intellij Flash/Flex plugin - Make modal "Unzipping ANE" popup non-modal ?


Flash/Flex Plugin:
When debugging a flash/AIR application with IntelliJ, the thing which really bothers me most is the modal popup when an ANE is extracted when building the project.

Would it be possible to change the dialog to not be modal?
I would think that this would be an easy tweak with a big impact.
Extracting ANE's content, being shown in a modal popup, is currently blocking the entire IDE (also other IDE Windows are affected and cannot be used while IntelliJ is doing so).
Best would of course be to cache the content of an ANE and not extract it all the time (as it will likely rarely change when debugging) but it would already help a lot, if the popup wouldn't be modal.



Thank you for your suggestion. I created a new feature request on our issue tracker:
Please vote for it and follow for progress updates.


Thanks a lot for adding the feature request for this.
I really hope it will be considered, as I would guess that it's just a flag which needs to set in order to make the popup non-modal.