Always have to do Maven clean package to redeploy changes to WildFly 31


Hello all.

I know this is a recurring question, but searching the Internet, mainly SO etc. did not reveal any solution to me.

The problem:

I have a JSF application running on a local WildFly 31 and anytime I make changes to the code and redeploy to the server, the changes aren't deployed. I always have to do a Maven “clean package” to see the changes.

This is too much. Too slow, too many clicks.

I have an exploded WAR file as artifact and my runtime config “On ‘Update’ action” is set to “Update classes and resources” (Show dialog unchecked) and “On frame deactivation” is set to “Do nothing”.

Note I have configed IJ to save files manually, I turned off auto-save. It results in changed files to show an asterisk in the tab and I need to manually do a Ctrl+S.

After that, taking down the server and doing a complete restart does not show the changes when running the webapp.

Anyone got an idea how to make this simple thing work? It's really annoying.

I'm using IJ 2023.3.3 Ultimate Ed.


this seems to be the same problem in YouTrack:




Hello, Karsten!

Thank you for reporting this!

You are correct, the issue does seem very similar to IDEA-182772.

I see you've already commented on it - upvoting and commenting on the YouTrack Issue is the best way to raise its' priority for the developers!