Ambigious order in code completion



I have a very confusing case. I'm working with multiple projects in different windows and I have the issue, that only in one project, the order of the elements in the code completion popup are ambiguous:

I would expect, that the Live Templates will be shown at the bottom. But they are between the most important parts of the methods, so that most of the methods, provided directly from the given class, are “below” the Live Templates. This does not occurs in all projects. But if I try it in another project (within the same instance and process pid), it works fine:

I checked this with the following to versions: idea-IU-233.11799.241 and idea-IU-241.17011.79

Does anyhone have a similar behavior or a suggestion how to solve it? Hint: I am using the default settings for Code Completion and no dedicated sort (like alphabetically).


I figured out, that this only happens on Test classes, which are annotated as Spring Test. It seems, that only the code completion of Spring has impact on the order.

Hi Norbert,
Does it make a difference if you disable the option to "Sort completion suggestions based on machine learning" under File | Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion?
Does the problem go away if you temporarily disable all of the non-bundled plugins and restart the IDE? File | Settings | Plugins | ⚙ | Disable all downloaded plugins
If not, would it be possible to share a demo project where this can be reproduced? You can upload it to our server at

Hi Arina,
thank you for your answer. I checked your hints:

  1. There is no difference, when I enable or disable the option: "Sort completion suggestions based on machine learning".
  2. When I disable all downloaded Plugins, the order is correct. I started then to enable the plugins again, step by step, and I found out, that that unsorted code completion reappears, when I enable the Plugin: JPA Buddy.
  3. I tried then to create a very small demo project to reproduce this issue. In a clean project, only with JPA Buddy, this issue does not appear. But when I use a Mapper (via MapStruct), then the unsorted code completion is visible. I uploaded the example: Upload id: 2024_06_07_xMEgmLYS8Vk96nrqEb2CC4 (file: code-completion-issue.tgz). Just enter in the MainTest a String variable as described above, then - hopefully - it appears also on you side.

Thanks again for your support, I will disable the Plugin in the meantime.

Thanks Norbert!
I reproduced the problem and filed a new bug report for it so that our developers can check it:
You are welcome to follow the progress on YouTrack.