Pythonid plugin

In PyCharm Community with JetBrains Academy plugin installed: opening an Academy project gives the following warning:

Required plugins have not been loaded:

Plugin ‘Pythonid’ required for ‘<project_name>' project isn't installed

Clicking on the button “Install required plugins” opens a window where one is supposed to install it, but it's empty. Manual search for this plugin also yields zero results. But running the project is still possible.

Additional info:

The YAML plugin is enabled, as well as the Toml plugin.


@Zeron, could you please also let us know the version of your IDE and the JetBrains Academy plugin? Thanks!

Hi Zeron, thank you for reporting this! I've filed a new issue in our tracker on YouTrack: Our developers will review the code and apply the necessary edits. If that leaves you with any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Of course, Ilnur Galimov !

The IDE version is:

PyCharm 2024.1.2 (Community Edition)

Build #PC-241.17011.127, built on May 28, 2024

Runtime version: 17.0.11+1-b1207.24 amd64

VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.


JetBrains Academy plugin version:




Debian Testing (codename Trixie), Linux kernel version: 6.7.12-amd64


By the way, I couldn't login on this site with my main browser (Firefox). Had to do it from a fork of Chromium called Vivaldi. On Youtrack site I had no such problem, but on this site clicking on “Sign In” button only showed me the site's landing page, with no possibility for login.


Victor Sago, thank you so much! Our developers will take a closer look at the issue.