Trying to use Dev Containers ... IDE Backend keeps re-downloading but never installs


Hi, I'm trying to use dev containers feature and I'm having trouble building the container.  When I try to build it, it successfully builds my image and then gets to the step where it is “Downloading the IDE Backend”.  It gets to 99% and then pauses for a while and restarts.  It does this 3-4 times then quits:

If I login to the container while this is going, I can see it trying both wget and curl commands to download the archive.  If I visit the folder where it is downloading, I can see it is actually downloading just fine.  See this screenshot showing the contents of the download are complete (I am able to extract the files just fine manually):


I've looked at the log files, and they show it runs wget and curl, lets them get to 100% and then restarts them repeatedly.  Even though it appears that they are exiting with code 0 as one would expect.

Is this a known issue?   How can I get past this step?


I've uploaded the Deploy Logs here:

 Upload id: 2024_06_11_21vVBcCy4z2b4devJTq2oh (file:



IntelliJ Version:

IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1.3 (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-241.17890.1, built on June 3, 2024
Licensed to Expero, Inc / Brandon Wallace
You have a perpetual fallback license for this version.
Subscription is active until June 6, 2025.
Runtime version: 17.0.11+1-b1207.24 aarch64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
macOS 14.4.1
GC: G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation
Memory: 8192M
Cores: 10
Metal Rendering is ON
Non-Bundled Plugins:
 com.deadsilly.blackbird.theme (0.3.3)
 com.github.adamwojszczyk.sepiaTheme (0.15.0)
 org.intellij.plugins.hcl (241.17890.8)
 com.nasller.CodeGlancePro (1.8.5)
 com.mallowigi.idea (23.0.0)
 org.jetbrains.plugins.go-template (241.14494.150)
 com.tylerthrailkill.intellij.solarized (3.0.0)
 dev.pnbarx.idea.treecolor (1.2.2)
 Pythonid (241.17890.1)
 VisualVMLauncher (1.23.1-IJ2023.3)
 String Manipulation (9.14.1)
 org.jetbrains.plugins.hocon (2024.1.0) (241.17890.8)
 pro.bashsupport (
 net.seesharpsoft.intellij.plugins.csv (3.3.0-241) (241.17890.15)
 com.atlassian.bitbucket.references (2023.1.282)
 com.github.aleksandrsl.intellijbrowserslist (1.0.2)
 ru.meanmail.plugin.requirements (2022.4.1)
 mobi.hsz.idea.gitignore (4.5.3)
 com.jetbrains.php (241.17890.8)
 com.mallowigi (97.0.0)
 zielu.gittoolbox (500.2.9+233)
 org.intellij.scala (2024.1.21)
Kotlin: 241.17890.1-IJ

Hello, Brandon Wallace. Please try to download the IDE distribution to your PC manually and set up the IDE to use it. To do it, please perform the following steps:

  • download the Linux IDE distribution from this page (it's Linux because the OS in the container is also Linux, we don't support Windows-based containers);
  • open the Search Everywhere feature in the IDE (double-Shift) and type registry;
  • enable the devcontainers.use.separate.project.panel key:


  • after that, on the dev container building process, you should see the following interface:



  • here you should select the Installation options link and then the Upload installer file action from the dropdown menu.

This option should help you to successfully start the dev container. In the 2024.2 release, we will modify the building process, and hopefully, you won't encounter the problem again because of the flow changes.