Error installing Webstorm on Ubuntu Linux ARM.

I'm running an Ubuntu VM on my macbook at the moment and I'm running into trouble installing Webstorm and Jetbrains Toolbox. I learned on another post that JetBrains toolbox currently does not work on ARM Linux installations. But I assumed Webstorm could still work. 


When I run `` to install Webstorm in my installation directory, I get this error message in a Window titled `Cannot start WebStorm`. 

`No JRE found. Please make sure $WEBIDE_JDK, $JDK_HOME, or $JAVA_HOME point to valid JRE installation.`


It seems that you are using an x86-64 WebStorm version.
Please download an ARM version here again to see if it helps:

Please check below picture to know how to download an ARM version.