License for kids?


My nephew is 11 and deep into Khan academy.  He's using Wave Function Collapse and also hand crafting texture arrays because KA won't let him upload.  Since he's so familiar with Processing JS I showed him stand-alone Processing app and how to load textures, which blew his mind.  I'd like to get him into a world class IDE.  I see the licenses for students require a student email or a classroom email.  He has neither… so what can I do?

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your request. He can apply for a student subscription with the option Official document, attaching his officially issued document signed by his school authorities that has to show his full name, his date of birth and the confirmation of his current student status, 
While filling out the form, he has to tick the box 'I'm under 13 years old' and his application will go through the special procedure of review only after we get his parents consent to proceed with his application. After a successful submission of the form you should get our notification.
I hope I answered you question. Feel free to reply this message if you have any questions or need any assistance.