Running code cleanup on save does not apply all easy fixes


I want to configure IntelliJ to fix all inspections on save. Specifically I want the “Lambda parameter can be specified” inspection to be applied automatically, but I will likely want more in the future. 

However, even though I have enabled “Run code cleanup” in “Actions on Save”, and enabled the aabove mentioned inspection in “Inspections”, it does not happen.

I have discovered that it seems that code cleanup only applies fixes from inspections marked as “cleanup inspections” but this is only visible when looking at inspection filters and not immediately clear when opening the inspections page. It seems very wrong to me that when clicking the “configure inspections” link from the Actions on Save page, it shows me all inspections even though only a hidden subset of these are actually applied. At least is should automatically set the filter when clicking the link, but ideally I would want the ability to apply more inspections automatically


Please upvote and share your thoughts in the related tickets IJPL-61485 and IJPL-60378